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Courteney Cox shares botched attempt at that viral Fleetwood Mac video

The former "Friends" star almost took a spill while trying to replicate the buzzy TikTok video.
/ Source: TODAY

Nathan Apodaca went viral earlier this month after sharing a video that shows him leisurely skateboarding, sipping a bottle of cran-raspberry juice and listening to Fleetwood Mac's hit-1977 track "Dreams."

Since then, plenty of others have put their own spin on the chilled-out video in what's become known as the #DreamsChallenge. Courteney Cox is the most recent celebrity to give the trend a try, but her attempt wasn't nearly as blissful as Apodaca's original ride.

In her pink-filtered video, Cox was drinking out of a bottle of Ocean Spray cran-raspberry juice and listening to the Fleetwood Mac hit, but instead of skateboarding, she was wearing roller skates and plenty of protective gear.

While the ride seems to be going well enough for the first few seconds, a more distant shot halfway through the clip reveals a new angle: Cox appears to lose her balance and nearly fall before catching herself, laughing all the while.

"Rolling into reels?" the actor captioned the video, referencing Instagram's new video platform, which is similar to TikTok. One fan commented just a row of scared-face emojis, and Cox responded, writing, "Haha I feel the same way!"

Other Instagram users were delighted by the short clip. "Love this !! 🤣Let’s skate!" wrote Reese Witherspoon, who appeared in an episode of "Friends" with Cox.

"Well done," wrote Josh Hopkins, who starred alongside Cox in the comedy series "Cougar Town."

Some fans compared it to an episode of "Friends," referencing a time in the show's second season where Cox's character Monica Geller worked at a 50's themed diner where she needed to wear roller skates during her shift.

"You need the blond wig and outfit from when Monica skated at the diner!!" wrote one user.

"Reminds me of the one where Monica has to work at the 50s restaurant," added another, along with a cry-laughing emoji.

"And Monica thought the Moondance diner would teach her nothing!" joked a third.

It's Cox's second "Fleetwood Mac"-themed video in just a few weeks. On Oct. 8, she shared a video of her daughter Coco Arquette performing a cover of the band's “Silver Springs" while Cox played the piano and musician Joel Taylor accompanied on the guitar.

“When you have a teenager you barely get to see them. So much negotiating,” she wrote in the caption. “Coco traded me one song if I let her go to a party. I took it.”