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Courteney Cox re-creates her iconic 'Friends' turkey-head dance for Thanksgiving

Could this *be* any funnier?
/ Source: TODAY

Call this “The One Where She Put the Turkey on her Head — Again!”

On Thanksgiving, Courteney Cox found the perfect way to tease faithful “Friends” viewers who just couldn’t stop sharing one of their favorite holiday scenes with her.

While some “Friends” fanatics might celebrate Turkey Day by making Rachel’s memorable meat trifle or salivating over the idea of a leftover sandwich complete with one of Ross’ beloved “moist makers” in the middle, others, it seems, prefer to spend the day sending Cox GIFs of herself.

The iconic clip in question is from the season five episode in which Monica accessorizes a turkey with a fez and oversized sunglasses and proceeds to shimmy her way into Chandler’s heart — and Cox has had enough of it.

Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox in the "Friends" episode "The One With The Thanksgiving Flashbacks."Everett Collection

“Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I hope you’re having a great day. I’m feeling so thankful,” the 56-year-old says in a video she shared to Instagram Thursday. But suddenly her temperament changes, as the camera zooms in on her mouth and she rants, “And also, if I get one more g--damn GIF of that turkey on my head, dancing like a f---ing fool … I’m just going to snap!”

She punctuated that message with one of those pesky GIFs before proving that she wasn’t so serious about it after all.

“So, anyway, since I’m the symbol of Thanksgiving, here you go,” she said. “Hope it makes you happy.”

And what followed might just make for a GIF she gets again and again on future holidays.

Courteney Cox shows off a family face for "Friends" fans.courteneycoxofficial / Instagram

That’s right! She plopped another turkey on her head and shimmied once more.

The comments that followed the post were filled with fans expressing how thankful they were for Cox — and one from co-star Lisa Kudrow, who simply wrote “You DID THAT!!”

She did!