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Courteney Cox can still perfectly do her famous 'I know' line from 'Friends'

The actress still has no problem channeling her inner Monica.
/ Source: TODAY

Courteney Cox knows you want to see her pass on her “Friends” catchphrase.

Over the weekend, the actress posted a video in which she explains she wants her classic “I know!” line from the legendary sitcom to be handed down to a new generation, before an adorable child tries to say it.

"So, I'm trying to pass on the legacy and teach the younger kids how to say 'I know' as Monica would," Cox said before she said the line as Monica.

The camera then turned to the tyke, who tried to utter the line, but didn’t really get out the words properly.

Cox, 55, then appeared on camera again.

"Well, I mean, it's not there yet but I'm sure it’s going to get better," she said.

Fifteen years after “Friends” signed off, Cox continues to embrace the show that made her and her co-stars Hollywood A-listers.

In March, she made a splash when she posted a video of herself walking outside the exterior of the apartment which served as her apartment on the NBC sitcom.

A few weeks later, she shared another video re-creating the infamous “Pivot!” scene from the show.

In April, Lisa Kudrow also had some fun while posting a photo during a fun night she had with Cox.

"My eyes! My eyes!" she wrote, a reference to the line her character, Phoebe, said when she caught Cox's Monica in a romantic moment with Chandler, played by Matthew Perry.

Cox would return the favor just last week when she wished Kudrow a happy birthday with a photo of the two of them during a Halloween episode.

In May, she also shared an old photo of the entire "Friends" cast before they were household names prior to the show's premiere in 1994.

Despite the number of "Friends"-related posts the public is getting, fans shouldn't expect to see a reboot anytime soon. Earlier this year, show creator Marta Kauffman said it will not happen, even though Jennifer Aniston has said she's up for it.