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A couple found Molly Shannon’s phone in a taxi. They ended up making a famous friend

The former "Saturday Night Live" star was grateful this man and woman saved the day.
/ Source: TODAY

A New York City couple didn’t just find the cell phone of any celebrity. They found one belonging to a real “Superstar.”

A man named Vincent Zurzolo shared the story of how he and his partner stumbled upon Molly Shannon’s iPhone in a video he posted on Instagram that featured the comedian herself.

“So, Josephine and I are coming home from New York Comic Con and a phone starts ringing in the back of the cab,” he began. “We pick it up and eventually find out whose phone it is. We get a phone call from somebody who’s very nervous that they’ve lost their phone. And look whose phone it is.”

That’s when the former “Saturday Night Live” star jumped into the frame to reveal her identity.

“Superstar!” she joked, reciting the famous line from her Mary Katherine Gallagher character that she did on “SNL” and in the movie “Superstar.”

“How about that?” she continued. “This has never happened to me because I’m very careful with my phone, but it must’ve slipped out of my purse and I was panicked. I got back to my hotel and I did the Find My iPhone and I’m seeing my phone on, like, 33rd Street. And I’m like ‘I’m never going to get it back.’

“But then I called the hotel and they called my number and Vincent was so kind to pick up and I got my phone back from Vincent and Josephine. And I said it’s very serendipitous that we all meet, so there’s some reason for it.”

Zurzolo then added a zinger of his own.

“Then I let them know we’re swingers and she’s staying the night,” he joked.

“Yeah, but it all worked out great. Happy Sunday,” she said before the trio hugged.

Finding a personal item owned by someone famous is rare, but it’s not totally unprecedented. In 2018, a man discovered Diane Keaton’s wallet that she had lost 50 years earlier.

“This is the craziest story!” she Keaton wrote on Twitter.