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Could 'The Killing' continue on DirecTV or Netflix?

Carole Segal / AMC / Today

"The Killing" might be alive! The AMC drama, which was axed after season two, might be brought back from the TV graveyard. According to TVLine, Netflix and DirecTV are looking to renew the series and produce new episodes for themselves.

Both Netflix and DirecTV have rescued shows from cancellation in the past. DirecTV brought back "Friday Night Lights" (for which we are eternally grateful) and "Damages." Netflix is of course producing new episodes of "Arrested Development" (again, for which we are eternally grateful), and it was speculatedthat they were also bringing back "Terra Nova," " Jericho" and "The River." 

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A rep for Netflix declined to comment on renewing "The Killing," but we hear that they are indeed in conversations with Fox TV Studios, but it's very early in the process. 

DirecTV has yet to return our request for comment, but a spokesperson told TVLine: "We are constantly having conversations about bringing new shows to Audience Network, and we do take a look at everything that is available, but we haven't made any decisions this summer in regards to new programming." 

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Days before the season-two finale, "The Killing's" Billy Campbell told us that there would be no cliffhangers, but definitely setups for continuing storylines. "There is no cliffhanger about this season," Campbell said. "Maybe some hint of something to come, but this season and this case are entirely resolved." 

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