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Costner, Kutcher pay tribute to Coast Guard

Actors visit California station to promote their new film, ‘The Guardian.’
/ Source: The Associated Press

Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher visited a U.S. Coast Guard station to promote their new film, “The Guardian,” about two Coast Guard swimmers who rescue fisherman and boaters from dangerous ocean waters.

Costner told the assembled “Coasties” during the first stop of a planned multistate tour of Coast Guard stations that actors “are not nearly as impressive in person as we seem to be on film.”

“We get to portray these men and women who are often tougher than we are, men and women who are often smarter than we are, and in the case of ‘The Guardian,’ we are talking about men and women with the personal courage to put themselves in danger in a way I don’t know I would,” the 51-year-old actor-director said Monday.

Costner plays a veteran Coast Guard swimmer sent to teach in Kodiak, Alaska, after his crew is lost in a crash. Kutcher’s character is a cocky newcomer.

Kutcher, 28, said he hoped the movie would give the public more appreciation for the Coast Guard’s “courageous and honorable” work.

“When I first read the script, I thought it was all made up because I didn’t think anyone got to be that cool,” he said.

“The Guardian” is set for release Sept. 29.