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Cosby releases audio to back up book claims

Days after a Bahamian spokesperson for Anna Nicole Smith’s former nannies accused “Blonde Ambition” author Rita Cosby of attempting to bribe him and his clients, the journalist defended herself by releasing an alleged audio interview with the spokesperson.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Days after a Bahamian spokesperson for Anna Nicole Smith’s former nannies accused “Blonde Ambition” author Rita Cosby of attempting to bribe him and his clients, the journalist defended herself by releasing an alleged audio interview with the spokesperson.

In the tape, released to Access Hollywood, Cosby is heard talking with a man identified as “Lincoln.” Cosby said that voice on the tape is Lincoln Bain, the representative for Smith’s former nannies, Quethlie Alexis and Nadine Alexie.

On the recording, Bain tells Cosby that the nannies claimed to have witnessed Smith watching a video of an alleged sexual encounter between Smith’s longtime companion, Howard K. Stern, and Larry Birkhead.

“Can I just ask you then, again just off the record too, was it just Nadine who saw it or was it both of them who saw it?” Cosby asks Bain in the conversation, which she says was recorded on September 8, 2007.

“I think it was just Nadine,” Bain replies. “I can let them confirm with you tomorrow, but I know for sure that Nadine saw it.”

During the recording, Cosby then asks Bain when he first heard about the tape. Though he says he can’t remember the date, Bain implicates the nannies’ lawyer, Elizabeth Thompson, suggesting she was aware her clients had seen a tape.

“I don’t remember the exact date at this time, but I have notes and the lawyer has notes and the lawyer can say the exact date, but they were about to do an affidavit,” he says.

However, Thompson said the nannies have not seen such a tape.

“Despite what might be on this audio tape that purports to be a conversation between Rita Cosby and Lincoln Bain, the two nannies have not seen a tape in which that they can confirm that Howard and Larry appear in it,” she told Access Hollywood on Sunday.

On Cosby’s tape, Bain is heard saying he firmly believes in the truthfulness of the nannies.

“From everything I’ve seen from (them), I would believe anything they say because they ... refuse to lie about anything,” he tells Cosby.

“They would not stretch anything,” he continued. “If anything was being reported and it wasn’t totally accurate they would correct it right then. They refuse to lie about anything, so based on my experience with them, I believe them.”

On Sunday, Bain told Access Hollywood, he believed Cosby’s tape was “doctored.”

“I strongly, without question, believe Rita’s tapes are doctored. They are edited pieces of several different conversations she and I had at different times. I can tell by the different background levels on the audio,” he said. “She is trying to confuse the facts of the matter. This is another in the slew of lies by Rita Cosby who is trying to muddy the waters.”

Cosby’s release of the tape followed appearances by Bain on several media outlets earlier this week including Fox News Channel’s “On The Record With Greta Van Susteren.” During that interview, Bain claimed Cosby called him recently in an attempt to secure a meeting with the nannies.

“I recorded this phone call between myself and Lincoln Bain, the spokesman for the nannies, on September 8, 2007. I was in New York, he was in the Bahamas. At the time, I had not planned on releasing this, but in light of what Lincoln Bain now has said on the air, I feel obliged to release this evidence,” Cosby said in a statement.

Cosby was recently hit by Stern with a $60 million lawsuit, accusing the writer of libeling him in her book. As part of his libel claim, Stern has denied a host of allegations from her book including the alleged encounter with Birkhead.

“Totally false. Totally false,” Stern told Larry King last week.

Birkhead has also denied the allegations.

Bain said one of the reasons the author tried to set up a meeting with Anna Nicole’s former nannies, was to finally speak to them. He claimed Cosby did not speak with them before her book “Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith’s Death” was published.

“The main (reason why) she wanted to set up this meeting with these nannies (was) so that she could actually say and look good — that she actually spoke to these girls when really she never spoke to them before,” he told Van Susteren. “So the main thing she wanted (was) a meeting with them.”

Bain also claimed Cosby told him she was offering the nannies money, to get them to America to help out with the libel suit.

“She said, ‘I came to offer them $1,000 to share, so that they can come to the U.S. and testify against Howard K. Stern,’ on her behalf, so they can give her an affidavit, saying that Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead had sexual encounters and they were gay and a number of other things she required of this $1,000,” Bain told Van Susteren.

Bain said he then contacted Thompson, the attorney for the nannies. After refusing the offer, Bain claimed she suggested they “expose” Cosby.

Bain, who is also a Bahamian TV presenter, said he then went about setting up a “sting operation” that he told Van Susteren he modeled after Dateline NBC’s “To Catch A Predator” series. Bain claimed he met with Cosby in the Bahamas, though she was not aware she was being recorded until an argument broke out.

“She didn’t know at any time until after we had an altercation,” he told Van Susteren. “We had a fight. So she continued to try to bribe me, even after this altercation when the police left, she’s still trying to bribe me. She’s still on tape, trying to bribe me, saying she’s gonna put me on the cover of a magazine and all these lies.”

Bain claimed Cosby’s bribe was via a $15,000 offer from In Touch Weekly magazine for the nannies’ story.

“She was (talking) about In Touch magazine and then she continued to try and bribe me,” he claimed. “She was supposed to leave right after this fight and go to the airport and leave, but she didn’t leave. ... She continued to call me, leave messages on my phone, asking me if I accept the proposal for $15,000 from this magazine.”

“She basically was offering us $15,000 and stressing that it can’t come from her, it has to come from (her friend) Tom, ‘cause she’s trying to keep herself clean. And after making the offers, that’s when I called the media out. When we finished the conversation, I called the media out and she got caught red handed.”

In Touch Weekly released a statement to Access Hollywood last week, responding to the issue.

“We were approached by a party about paying to speak to Anna Nicole’s nannies. We said we wouldn’t pay for the story but would be interested in talking to them and maybe open to licensing photos of the nannies with Anna Nicole,” the statement read.