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Cory Monteith's mom tweets about son's death

Immediately after the sudden and tragic death of "Glee" star Cory Monteith in mid-July, there was a period of respectful silence as friends and family tried to absorb what had happened. 

"Glee" is now heading back into production, and on Thursday more former co-stars began to speak up, as the show posted a memorial card on YouTube and Monteith's mother tweeted for the first time since her son's death:



McGregor also sent out several tweets denying that an individual who had been "releasing articles related to my feelings and thoughts on how to take care of Cory's ashes has never been in contact with me." 

It's unclear exactly who McGregor was referring to, but Life & Style quoted a supposed cousin of the actor last week that McGregor planned to "spread some of the ashes in the different places he loved."

Additionally on Thursday, co-star Darren Criss appeared on "Conan" and spoke about working with Monteith. He said "it's been a very rough time," but added, "he will be severely missed. But I'm just so happy a guy like him got to touch as many lives as he did while we were lucky enough to have him."

Monteith died on July 13 in a Vancouver hotel of a mixture of a mix of heroin and alcohol and was reportedly cremated. 

Monteith's girlfriend Lea Michele, who had tweeted a photo of herself with Monteith on July 29, returned to work on "Glee" on Thursday and tweeted:



And the "Glee" cast also posted a short tribute "Memorial Card" on YouTube Thursday, which has already racked up nearly 850,000 hits. 

"Glee" returns on Sept. 26, then will go on a three-week hiatus