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Corey Clark didn’t like ‘Idol’ spoof

Corey Clark has no beef with Carrie Underwood winning “American Idol” -- he’s upset with another part of last night’s finale.

His spokesman tells AP Network News that Clark didn’t like the bit where Simon spoofed Clark’s claim of sleeping with Paula Abdul.

The spokesman says Fox should be investigating Clark’s claims, not making fun of them. He says the spoof was “an insult to the intelligence of the viewer.”

He says the spoof shows “not only are they not taking it seriously, but they don’t think we should take it seriously, and the allegations that are out there are incredibly serious and the ramifications are intense.”

Fox says in a statement the clip is one that “no one would take seriously,” but the network is still seriously looking at Clark’s allegations.

Fox says Clark and his representatives have refused its requests for their participation in the investigation. Fox says Clark is out for publicity when he should be cooperating.