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Cops: Kristin Cavallari's traffic-stop story was 'exaggerated'

Kristin Cavallari was stopped for speeding in Evanston, Ill. on Friday.

Does reality star Kristin Cavallari live in California or Illinois, and what does it matter?

Cavallari, who married Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler in June, was stopped by police in Evanston, Ill. on Friday morning for speeding in excess of the 30 mph limit, Evanston police commander Jay Parrott told TODAY.com. 

That did not sit well with the former star of "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills," who did what most angry celebrities do these days: she took to Twitter.



While Cavallari focused her ire on where her legal residence is, Parrott says Cavallari's version is "a bit exaggerated." Illinois is part of the Interstate Drivers Compact, which requires that out-of-state drivers post bonds when they are cited--they can't simply pay a fine, Parrott said. Because Cavallari wanted to post her $150 bond in cash, the officer asked her to drive to the precinct to make the payment.

"Officers can't take cash on the street," Parrott said. "She posted bond, drove off and left."

If Cavallari had a valid Illinois driver's license, the officer could have taken it or she could have used a bond card to secure bond on the ticket, Parrott said. Because her license was from California, which does not participate in the "Compact" agreement, she had to go to the police station, Parrott said.

Despite her focus on the legal residency issue, Cavallari was only cited for speeding, Parrott said. He declined to say how fast she was going when she was stopped.