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Cookie Monster's 'SNL' dream comes true

Just one month after Cookie Monster released his “Saturday Night Live” audition video and started his Betty White-worthy Facebook campaign, the big blue guy’s TV dream came true.

The “Sesame Street” regular shared the stage with host Jeff Bridges for a Christmas duet over the weekend.

Quick! Somebody cast these two in a buddy flick. The world needs more “Cookie and the Dude” banter.

“So, Cook.”


“What do you want for Christmas, man?”

“An iPad!”


“No, me kidding. A coooooooooooookie!”


But there was one tiny, not-so-great aspect of Cookie Monster’s visit. (Make sure there aren't any wee ones looking over your shoulder.) As the end credits rolled, the secret to the furry Muppet’s magic was revealed.

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