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Controversial veteran Timothy Poe gets the boot on 'America's Got Talent'

Virginia Sherwood / NBC / Today
Country crooner Timothy Michael Poe, the Army veteran who made headlines after he exaggerated his military record on "America's Got Talent," is now out of the running on the reality competition.

We're sure this made some people happy. Country crooner and former soldier Timothy Poe won over America's hearts after his initial audition for "America's Got Talent" when he shared that he was injured in combat, but quickly lost credibility when his injuries couldn't be proven.

And although many viewers were bothered to see Poe continue with the show, they won't need to worry about that any longer.

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Poe sang George Strait's "The Chair" on Tuesday night's episode in hopes of being one of the top 48 to move forward with the competition, but the judges didn't let that happen.

But it wasn't the controversy surrounding Poe's claims that caused his dismissal.

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Tuesday night's elimination was filmed last month, before people started questioning what really happened in Afghanistan, so it was strictly based on his performance.

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