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Controversial ‘Bunny’ billboard comes down

Roger Ebert called the film the worst in Cannes history
/ Source: Reuters

A billboard on Los Angeles’ famous Sunset Strip showing a graphic sex act and promoting upcoming independent movie “The Brown Bunny” has been taken down, a spokeswoman for the film said Thursday.

The sign depicts a scene toward the end of the movie where the main character, a motorcycle racer played by the film’s director, Vincent Gallo, is having oral sex performed on him by a former girlfriend for whom he still longs.

The company contracted to place the sign, Regency Outdoor Advertising, declined to comment. Gallo also had no comment.

The Sunset Strip is filled with racy signs promoting fashion, films, TV shows and even pornographic movies, but “The Brown Bunny” billboard had raised eyebrows and generated attention in the U.S. media.

Gallo told Reuters Wednesday that the image on the billboard was meant to “give the impression that the entire film is sophisticated and for adults.” He said it was not aimed at the film’s naysayers, but rather at its supporters.

An early version of the movie was panned by critics after first being shown at the Cannes film festival in 2003, but it has since screened well at Toronto and other film festivals.

Gallo plays a man so haunted by his love for his one-time girlfriend, Daisy (Chloe Sevigny), that he embarks on a cross country road trip to try to forget her. He meets many other women along the way but fails to form lasting bonds.

The movie opens Aug. 27 in Los Angeles and New York.