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Confusion, panic in Donda West 911 call

Donda West’s final moments have been made public following the release of a chilling recording of the 911 call made by West’s friends just before her death.

In a frantic call to 911 operators, friends of Donda West can be heard attempting to save her life, although CPR did not begin until approximately 5 minutes and 10 seconds into the 911 call.

(Editor's note: The call may be disturbing for some to listen to.)

It appears the call was made from Donda West’s residence where the mother of hip-hop star Kanye West was recovering following a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Multiple people can be heard in the background as the 911 operator attempts to assess the situation asking, “Ma’am tell me what happened?”

“Because she had a heart attack,” the caller says, referring to Donda West.

The caller, confused and frantic, has trouble hearing the 911 operator’s instructions.

The operator asks multiple times if CPR has been started and asks, “Does anyone know CPR?”

The commotion and frenzy at Donda’s house increases as an unidentified person can be heard hyperventilating in the background.

The caller says, “No, she’s not breathing!”

An unidentified person is heard in the background repeatedly yelling, “Donda West!”

When the operator asks if CPR has been started on Donda, the caller replies, “No, we didn’t even start.”

More cries of, “Donda West! Come on!” are then heard.

The commotion continues as the 911 operator attempts to focus the caller saying, “You’re not listening to what I’m telling you, you’re not helping the person.”

The operator attempts to give proper CPR instructions to the caller, which the caller relays to an unidentified person also present in the room with Donda.

The operator asks multiple times if Donda is in a regular bed or a hospital bed. The caller says Donda is in a regular bed and cannot be moved to the floor.

The caller tells the other people in the room to clear Donda’s airway. She then tells the 911 operator, “Her air is not going in or out. Her chest is not rising.”