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Conda has 'Biggest Loser' fans and former players fuming

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Conda keeps fans fuming with her mean-girl manners on "The Biggest Loser."

As week seven of “The Biggest Loser” approaches, the competition continues to evolve. Several contestants have gone home, two of those have returned and heck, one even went back home again. But one thing hasn’t changed: Conda, the player viewers love to hate this season, is still in the game, and she’s still giving “Biggest Loser” fans plenty to talk about.

Following last week's episode of the weight-loss competition, which showcased more of Conda's seemingly constant complaints about her former fellow teammate Adrian, many of our readers took to Facebook to share their thoughts. Conda's name popped up again and again among the over 200 comments. Some called her a "bully," others called her "immature," and several people referred by her new snaky nickname "AnaConda."

What earned this "Biggest Loser" player what may be the biggest backlash any contestant has received on show so far? While her apparent Adrian issues didn't help matters, the problems didn't start there. Early in the season, the now-ousted Mike confessed that he felt "attacked" by Conda, who called him out on everything from the way he interacted with her brother, Jeremy, to the way he worked out in the gym. And in between her teammate feuds, Conda has had tough talk (as well as eye-rolls and sneers) for trainer Dolvett Quince.

It's the combination of all of that that's had "Loser" fans fuming about her -- and those fans are in good company. Several "Biggest Loser" alumni have spoken out about the outspoken player, too.

Remember Arthur from season 11? He left the game nine weeks in, but stayed long enough to learn what life is really like on the ranch. And given what he knows about that, he doesn't cut Conda any slack.

According to Arthur, who routinely shares his post-show thoughts on YouTube, she's "straight up mean," and that's coming from a man who met her before the first episode of this season aired. Back then, Conda warned him that she would be a villain, but he didn't really take her seriously. Now he does.

"Never in a million years would I have thought that Conda was Conda -- I mean the AnaConda," he said. "She is beyond a villain."

And if she ever claims that it's just editing that makes her look that way, Arthur certainly won't back her up.

"The cameras, yeah, they can cut and paste, but they can only show what we give them," he added.

Season-two couple Matt and Suzy had even harsher sentiments to share in their own video.

"I think she’s going to go down as the biggest villain/b---- in the history of the show," Matt said. His wife seemed to agree.

Last season's second runner-up, Ramon, who now gives a rundown of each episode on the "Bigger Loser" website, kept it simple when he covered Conda in a recent recap.

"I think she might hate everyone," he wrote

For at least some fans of the show, it seems the feeling is mutual.

Find out what’s next from Conda and the rest of the remaining contestants when “The Biggest Loser” airs Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Do you think Conda really is the big, bad villain that some make her out to be, or do you think she’s just venting and complaining her way through the game due to the tough competition? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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