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Conan show has booked its last guest

While the world waits with bated breath for a Conan O’Brien deal to be announced, staffers behind the scenes at “The Tonight Show” are operating as if Friday is their last day.
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While the world waits with bated breath for a Conan O’Brien deal to be announced, staffers behind the scenes at “The Tonight Show” remain in the dark about details, but are operating as if Friday is their last day.

“We went into last weekend not knowing what is going on, and we still don’t know what’s going on,” said one. “We moved our families and kids out here (to Los Angeles from New York), and aren’t at the level where we feel confident that we’ll be taken care of. We figure this week is our last week. I’m calling my friends in New York to see (what job opportunities are) there if I move back.”

NBC is not revealing O’Brien’s end date on “The Tonight Show” and has maintained that an empty guest schedule for the week of Jan. 25 was part of a planned hiatus. Another source said there’s more to it than that.

“There are no bookings after this Friday, and there are no bookings being made for when the show returns from the ‘hiatus,’ ” said the late-night television source. “In our circles, it’s understood that the show ends on Friday.”

Last week, there were bookings in place through Thursday. At the last minute, additional bookings were made. They include Martin Scorsese (he joined Colin Firth on Monday) Quentin Tarantino (who joined Paul Bettany and Spoon on Tuesday), Adam Sandler and Joel McHale (who joined Joss Stone Wednesday), and Robin Williams (who joins Barry Manilow Thursday).

The final guests planned for Friday, and perhaps O'Brien's last "Tonight" guests ever, will be Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell. Ferrell was on O’Brien’s first “Tonight Show” in Los Angeles.

Brangelina’s no-show inspired Aniston’s Globe appearance Between Jennifer Aniston’s alleged make-out session with Gerard Butler and the dress that showed off her legs, the actress made a big splash at Sunday’s Golden Globes — and perhaps we have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to thank for that.

That’s according to Life & Style. The magazine reports that Aniston found inspiration when she discovered that Pitt (whose film “Inglourious Basterds” received four nominations) and Jolie weren’t going to attend.

“Jennifer decided to go for black and sexy for the awards only when she discovered that Angelina wasn’t attending,” an insider told the magazine. “An earlier choice had been a white asymmetrical Stella McCartney, since she didn’t want to go head-to-head with Angelina and her trademark black.”

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. on the "Let's Be Cops," red carpet, Selena Gomez is immortalized in wax and more.

Aniston's most recent splurge was on Jan. 14, just three days before she poured her curves into a Valentino gown. Jen and five friends met at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles, where they indulged in $30 flutes of Veuve Clicquot champagne, small plates and then a meal.

“Jen joked that she didn’t want to look like a blimp on Sunday,” an eyewitness told Life & Style. “But they drank a considerable amount of wine. She didn’t seem like a star worried about a big award ceremony.”

Aniston’s attention to detail — specifically, efforts to not resemble Jolie — extend to her eating habits. She’s enjoying her carbs now, says the mag, and at the Globes, “Jennifer was happy to emphasize her curves in direct contrast to Angie’s skeletal look,” said the insider.

Jessica Simpson a threat to Christian Louboutin? Jessica Simpson isn’t going to appear in any photos sporting Christian Louboutin shoes any time soon: Us Weekly says that the designer wouldn’t send shoes to an upcoming photo shoot with Simpson. “They worried she would knock them off,” said the magazine.

Explains a Louboutin rep, “When Jessica began her own shoe line, two-thirds of them seemed like knockoffs. We haven’t worked with her for a long time. But it’s not personal.”

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