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Conan O'Brien fires up the Olympic slow-mo camera, gets messy

From McKayla Maroney's near-perfect vault to Michael Phelps' finger-tip finishes, slow-motion replay cameras at the Olympics have added an extra level of excitement.

On Thursday’s "Conan," Conan O’Brien noted how cool athletes at the games look when they’re shown in super slow-motion. Rather than wallowing in his own non-Olympian uncoolness, the late-night host decided to rent a slow-mo camera for himself.

“Pie serves,” “human sundaes” and “air hose” were just a few of the ways that he and sidekick Andy Richter abused their bodies in super slow-mo. And while their shenanigans probably aren’t Olympic worthy, with that many ruined shirts and suits, the dry cleaner certainly deserves a gold.

Check out the video: 


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