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'Community' stars binge-watched their way through 2013


"Community" stars Jim Rash and Gillian Jacobs stopped by TODAY Wednesday to talk about their cult-hit show's new season. Here's what we learned about them in the Orange Room:

Jacobs gives bad subway directions: "I was trying to figure out which train Jim should take down to a restaurant last night, but I was totally wrong. I used to live in New York and I've forgotten everything. I told him to take the N or the R train, and then realized he wasn't going anywhere near where I thought he was going. It was nonsense; I was telling him gibberish." 

Jacobs got into acting because it was easier than becoming the first lady: "My idol was Eleanor Roosevelt. I was a weird child. I thought she was a really great first lady. I got into acting because it's hard to be a first lady. I didn't have any friends and the school told my mom I was talking to myself on the playground and that she should sign me up for an extracurricular activity, so she signed me up for an acting class. So that's how I started acting."

Jim Rash got into acting because of "Raising Arizona": "My earliest exposure to something that made me want to be in films was actually the 1989 film "Raising Arizona," which takes me to the Coen Brothers. I guess they might be in my mind, the people that made me want to do this. In 1989, it felt like a very specific movie to me — the look of it, the feel of it, the characters, everything. I feel like I've always chased that idea and ended up going to Chapel Hill to study film."

They weren't immune to the binge-watching epidemic of 2013: Rash recommends "Breaking Bad," while Jacobs recommends HBO's "The Comeback" and BBC's "Luther."