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Colbert sends Jobs one last e-mail

On Thursday night’s “Colbert Report,” host Stephen Colbert paid tribute to Steve Jobs as only he could.

“Folks, as I’m sure you know, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away (Wednesday) night,” Colbert began. “He was a visionary who changed the way we use computers, listen to music, communicate and stay awake in meetings. But the thing I will miss is that no one else could make me beg quite like him.”

Colbert then proved his superfan status by running a montage of his most memorable begging moments — from flat out demanding an iPhone, to beseeching Apple to send him an iPad through the TV. (“I know you have the technology.”)

“Folks, most people have to pay for that kind of product placement,” he said. “And it’s a testament to Steve Jobs generosity, and my celebrity, that everything I asked for, I got.”

Colbert cut to another montage — this time, showing all of his Apple dreams coming true. He even included his appearance at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards at which he surprised the crowd by reading off a list of nominees from the then yet-to-be-released iPad.

“On a personal note, I was one of the few people who could call Steve Jobs a close friend ... in that he communicated with me once. The morning after my Grammy appearance, I received this highly personal e-mail from the man himself. Let me read it to you from the iPad that, may I remind you, he gave me ... for free.”

Subject? “Last night.” Message? “Sweet! Thanks! Steve.”

Colbert thought it was high time he replied.

“Right back at’cha,” he said in a serious tone. “Thanks for everything. ... And send.”

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