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Colbert proves his ice cream -- not Fallon's -- is flavor of the future

Comedy Central / Today
Stephen Colbert is not pleased with "eternal enemy of six months" Jimmy Fallon.

Oh, it is so on!

Ever since late-night host Jimmy Fallon debuted his own Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor (which is amazingly tasty, by the way), he and Stephen Colbert have battled for ice cream supremacy -- save for the brief period when the two declared a truce and became "BFFs for six months."

But now that they're no longer buddy-buddy and are "eternal enemies for six months," the ice cream wars are on again, with Fallon pitting his Late Night Snack against Colbert's Americone Dream. And to the great displeasure of Colbert, ice cream man Jerry revealed recently that Fallon's new flavor is indeed outselling Colbert's patriotic offering. Even worse for the Comedy Central funnyman, Fallon has a contest running where viewers submit photos of "all the things you can do with Colbert's disgusting ice cream besides eat it."

Naturally, Colbert isn't sitting back and crying red, white and blue tears into his pint of dessert. With the help of science, he proved on the "Report" on Wednesday night that his Americone Dream is the ice cream of the future.

Check it out:

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