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Coincidence? Cops From the Charlie Sheen Escort Department Transferred!

People who help out Charlie Sheen aren't exactly winning any medals these days.
/ Source: E!online

People who help out Charlie Sheen aren't exactly winning any medals these days.

But Washington, D.C., Police Chief Cathy Lanier maintains that none of the two dozen officers and supervisors who were recently reassigned--including two who are under investigation thanks to the high-speed police escort Sheen got from the airport to his live show--were transferred for disciplinary reasons.

But at least one of the cops being investigated thinks that A definitely led to B.

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Capt. Robert Atcheson and Lt. Stuart Emerman of the department's escort-providing Special Operations Division have been reassigned to patrol services and school security bureaus in different districts along with one other cop from canine patrol (who is not associated with the Sheen brouhaha).

Meanwhile, three other officers were brought into their now former division.

"Numerous personnel changes were made for the efficiency of the Department. None of those personnel actions on Friday's teletype were disciplinary in nature related to this investigation," Lanier said in a statement, according to the Washington Post

The chief says that the investigation to just how Sheen ended up with a sirens-and-lights escort from Virginia's Dulles International Airport to DAR Constitution Hall on April 19 is ongoing. Right after the incident, she said it appeared to be a violation of police protocol.

The D.C. Council's Committee on the Judiciary is holding a hearing on police escorts (that is indeed very much related to Sheen) on June 23.

Concert promoter Live Nation has since reimbursed the city for the cost of the escort, and (non sequitur alert!) Sheen's picture has since been ripped down from where he used to tape Two and a Half Men.

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