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Watch Cobie Smulders perform a quarantine version of 'Let's Go to the Mall'

It's a timely twist on a song "How I Met Your Mother" fans have always loved!
/ Source: TODAY

Old favorite TV shows have been one way to help deal with the stress of being quarantined, so “How I Met Your Mother” fans will no doubt be delighted by this update of one of the sitcom’s classic bits that is legen — wait for it — dary.

Cobie Smulders, who played Robin Scherbatsky on the CBS series, posted an Instagram video of her performing a new version of “Let’s Go to the Mall,” the song she sang on the comedy as Canadian pop star Robin Sparkles.

In this song, Smulders sings and plays the piano while giving fans of the show a new treat.

“Let’s All Stay at Home,” she captioned the video. “Welp. Here it is. I hope it takes your mind off some things. It certainly did for me!”

Smulders also thanked series creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, as well as series composer Brian Kim for their efforts in making this version a reality.

“A huge thank you to Craig Thomas and Carter Bays for the new lyrics. And to Brian Kim, who helped compose many of our songs. He wrote this new piano version and then rewrote it when it was too challenging for me,” she wrote.

How I Met Your Mother
Cobie Smulders played Robin Scherbatsky, who had a hit in her native Canada with "Let's Go to the Mall" as a singer named Robin Sparkles.CBS via Getty Images

Smulders wrote that she enjoyed revisiting one of the show’s signature moments, while also reminding fans to help others.

“It was a wonderful journey down memory lane. If you are able and willing please donate to the following charities. There are links in my Stories,” she wrote.

The lyrics certainly did reflect the uncertain times we've found ourselves in.

“Keep on those jelly bracelets and that cool graffiti coat ‘cause the mall is in our hearts, that's what it's all about," she sings.

Smulders channeled her inner Robin Sparkles on the update.
Smulders channeled her inner Robin Sparkles on the update.cobiesmulders/Instagram

The lyrical tweaks don’t stop there, though.

"I have to go do Zoom school soon, at least until we're all immune, but that's just fine, I'm gonna follow COVID guidelines,” she belts out.

“I hope he asks me out, take me to my favorite spot, but for now that’s not allowed, but I’ve still got that robot,” she sings while referencing the boy she met at the food court and the robot that appeared in the “Let’s Go to the Mall” video. “My dad says I’m too young to date. Lame. Guidelines say we have to wait. That’s fair,” she continues.

“Everybody come and play, throw every last care away, let’s all stay at home today,” she sings in the chorus, a break from the more well-known “Everybody come and play, throw every last care away, let’s go to the mall today.”

The song also features her rapping, with an amusing shoutout to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as poutine for the ultimate salute to our neighbors in the Great White North.

It's not the first beloved song to get a makeover connected to the coronavirus.

In March, Neil Diamond shared a new version of "Sweet Caroline" to remind everyone of the importance of washing hands.