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‘Coach Carter’ delivers on DVD

Also new, ‘Miss Congeniality 2,’ ‘Hostage’ and season five of ‘Oz’
/ Source: The Associated Press

“Coach Carter”Samuel L. Jackson scores a solid hit with this hoops tale based on a real-life coach who put academics ahead of athletics. The uplifting drama stars Jackson as Ken Carter, who incurred the wrath of his team and the community — and eventually earned high marks for his integrity — when he benched his entire all-star basketball squad because the players were not keeping their grades up. The movie co-starring pop queen Ashanti comes to DVD with six deleted scenes and two background featurettes, including one examining the experiences of the real coach Carter. The disc also has a music video by Twista that features Faith Evans. DVD, $29.95. (Paramount)

“Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous”If the first movie was the beauty, the second one was the beast, suffering from a terminal case of sequelitis. The feeble follow-up has Sandra Bullock’s tomboy federal agent dolling up again as the public-relations face of the FBI, transforming herself into a fashion prima donna whose bickering with a new partner (Regina King) disrupts their investigation into the kidnapping of a beauty queen (Heather Burns) and pageant host (William Shatner). The DVD includes a batch of deleted scenes, all of them as dispensable as the full film itself. The movie also can be bought in a DVD set packaged with the soundtrack CD. DVD, $27.95; DVD-CD set, $29.99. (Warner Bros.)


Bruce Willis is back in the cop-thriller business with this action tale that starts off solidly before veering into utter implausibility. Willis plays a crackerjack big-city hostage negotiator shattered by a case that turns tragic, who takes a safe, quiet job as a small-town police chief only to find himself on the hot seat again when a robbery turns into an explosive hostage crisis. Director Florent Siri provides commentary for the full movie, plus a range of deleted and extended scenes. The DVD also comes with a making-of featurette. DVD, $29.99. (Miramax)

“Cursed”The “Scream” team — director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson — create a frightfully bad werewolf tale. Christina Ricci, Joshua Jackson and Jesse Eisenberg lead the cast in the story of three people scrambling to track down and kill the creature that bit them before the full moon arrives and they turn into hairy, bloodthirsty beasts themselves. Four background featurettes are included on the DVD, examining visual effects, editing and other behind-the-scenes matters. A few scenes also feature commentary by special-effects makeup supervisor Greg Nicotero. The movie is available in the PG-13 theatrical version or an unrated edition. DVD, $29.99. (Miramax)

TV on DVD:

“Bewitched: The Complete First Season,” “Tabitha: The Complete Series” — By an act of movie-marketing magic, the first season of the 1960s sitcom “Bewitched” comes to DVD just when the Nicole Kidman-Will Ferrell update hits the big screen. Elizabeth Montgomery stars as perky witch Samantha, who falls under the spell of a mortal (Dick York) and marries him. The four-disc set has 36 episodes, available in either black-and-white or color. Also debuting in a two-disc set is the 12-episode run of the 1977 follow-up “Tabitha,” starring Lisa Hartman as Samantha’s enchantress daughter. “Bewitched” DVD set, $39.95; “Tabitha” DVD set, $29.95. (Sony)

“Oz: The Complete Fifth Season” — You’d think by year five of madness and mayhem that the penal overseers would have realized their “Emerald City” experiment in rehabilitation wasn’t working quite right. Season five has the prison unit reopening with a makeover following a cafeteria explosion, and the inmates picking up where they left in running the institution into the ground. The three-disc set has eight episodes, with commentary on the season finale from executive producer Tom Fontana and co-star Dean Winters. DVD set, $64.98. (HBO)

“The Outer Limits: The New Series” — The update of the 1960s creep show is revived on DVD in a six-disc set. The set has 36 episodes of the series that aired from 1995-2002, arranged thematically, each disc touching on such subjects as alien visitations, life after death, robots, and time travel. Each disc also is available separately. DVD set, $69.96; single DVDs, $14.95 each. (MGM)

Other new releases:

“The Jacket” — Adrien Brody, Keira Knightley and Jennifer Jason Leigh star in this bold twist on the time-travel tale. Brody plays a psychiatric patient who finds himself cast into a future — which may be real or may be all in his head — where he learns he is about to die back in his own time zone. The DVD includes deleted scenes and an alternate ending. DVD, $24.98. (Warner Bros.)

“American Psycho” — Before he became the new Bruce Wayne in “Batman Begins,” Christian Bale starred as the yuppie serial killer in the adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel. The new DVD version of the 2000 film includes commentary with director Mary Harron on the full movie and deleted scenes, plus cast and crew interviews. DVD, $19.98. (Lions Gate)

“In the Realms of the Unreal” — Director Jessica Yu presents an absorbing portrait of an artist whose work — and even his artistic aspirations — went unknown until after his death. Yu chronicles the life of reclusive janitor Henry Darger, whose death in 1973 led to the discovery of hundreds of haunting watercolors and a 15,000-page illustrated novel in his apartment. DVD, $26.98. (Wellspring)