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Coach calls the shots, but Brandon blabs on 'Survivor'

Monty Brinton / CBS / Today
Coach appeared to be in control of his tribe, but was he?

Tribal Council perfectly illustrated why "Survivor" still works after all these years, despite its missteps in game structure or casting: human beings playing a social game do amazing things.

Christine was ultimately voted out, which is what Coach wanted his alliance to do, and let's not let that get lost: Coach appears to be controlling his tribe. Unless there's something we're not seeing. That's an impressive rebound from sucking at the first challenge and being targeted from the first few seconds -- although, notably, the person who targeted him was Christine, who called him a temporary player.

Earlier, there was a fracture in Coach's alliance, because Brandon Hantz wanted to vote out Mikayla -- because her beauty and feminine ways were compelling him to cheat on his wife. (More on that very disturbing, completely unacceptable attitude in a few paragraphs.) But Brandon couldn't convince Coach, who pointed out Mikayla was the Upolu tribe's strongest female in challenges. Brandon decided to play a bit like his uncle, and told Stacey and Christine to vote for Mikayla, while telling Coach that Stacey and Christine came up with this on their own.

In a bold move that could have easy backfired, Coach called out Stacey and Christine at Tribal Council, and they weren't happy, insisting that wasn't true -- because it wasn't. Responding to Coach's self-righteousness, Christine hilariously demanded, "From whom did you hear that, Mister Honesty?" Brandon started to get nervous, saying, "simmer down, guys" to the two women. But Coach didn't give him up, and Albert pointed out that Coach was being loyal to his source by not blabbing.

But guess who blabbed? Brandon.

"I gotta come clean man. The truth is the truth," he said.

The look on Coach's face was priceless: shock, disbelief, fear that he'd aligned with someone he cannot trust. The only thing that would have made that series of events more amazing was if the tribe would have turned on Brandon and voted him out immediately.

And he needs to go, soon. That's mostly because it is beyond disturbing that Brandon blames Mikayla for his attraction to her, and acts as if it's her fault he might somehow cheat on his wife. Ignoring his arrogant assumption that Mikayla would actually even entertain the idea of any kind of relationship. That's not just creepy. That's sick -- the kind of argument abusers and assaulters and others use to justify their behavior.

Keep reading at realityblurred.com for more on Brandon's behavior and Ozzy's shocking discovery.

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