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Co-star’s dating denial left Aniston devastated

The actress was left reeling when her co-star told reporters in Paris that the two were just friends.
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Actress Jennifer Aniston rarely responds to even the most ridiculous romance gossip, which might explain why she didn't expect her once-rumored beau, Bradley Cooper, to deny their relationship. According to the National Enquirer, Cooper’s recent comments left his “He’s Just Not That Into You” co-star reeling.

“Jennifer was devastated when Bradley told reporters in Paris that she was ‘just a friend’ and denied they had any romantic involvement,” an insider told the National Enquirer. “It makes her look desperate — which is the one thing she dreads coming across more than anything else.”

At first, Aniston allegedly assumed Cooper’s public stance was merely an attempt to keep their relationship private, but the source explained that the actress soon learned otherwise.

“When (Aniston) confronted (Cooper) about it, he took the opportunity to let her down gently and say he only wanted to be friends,” the source revealed. “It was a huge embarrassment for Jennifer — now she feels used and upset — her confidence has taken yet another knock and she’s back at square one in terms of dating.”

Which really isn’t so bad, as long as “square one” isn’t code for “round three” with revolving-door-ex John Mayer.

Sandra Bullock never wanted a real proposalAfter four years of marriage, “The Proposal” star Sandra Bullock admits she once hoped to avoid matrimony all together.

“I’d had a boyfriend in college and I was talking about going to New York some day and he said, ‘Why are you talking about New York? You’re not going to New York. We’re going to be married and start having kids,’” Bullock recalled in an interview with the Daily Mail. 'When he said that, I panicked. I just thought, ‘Is this what it’s going to be like?’ … I didn’t want any of that for myself, so I really didn’t want to get married at all.’

That is until she started dating “Motorcycle Mania” host and future husband Jesse James. But even then, it took a near-death experience to bring about a change of heart.

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“The day I knew was after he got in a racing accident in California about three months into our relationship,” the actress explained. “I realized how bad it was when we were driving down to be with him and they said that the chaplains were already there. I said, ‘Whatever condition he’s in, I want to be the one to make the decision as to how to make him better,’ and I realized I didn’t have that right. I knew then that I was in for the long haul and I thought, if he was (going to be) in a wheelchair or whatever, I was willing to take it on.”

James made a full recovery and married Bullock in July of 2005.

Fox looks forward to leaving TV behindUnlike many fans of the series, “Lost” star Matthew Fox looks forward to the end of the island mystery and with it, the end of his small screen career.

“I am not going to do television again,” Fox revealed in an interview featured in StarPulse. “That is not because I think film is better than television. Not at all, in some respects some of the best story telling is happening on television. I have done two TV shows — ‘Lost’ and ‘Party of Five’ — that have each run for six years. When you add it all up, it is in the vicinity of 300 hours of television. I want to find a way to have more control over when I am working and when I'm not. I'm looking for more flexibility.”

Dish on the flyAfter giving some thought to the kids in the crowds, singer Fergie wants to play the part of role model. In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, the Black Eyed Peas vocalist and sometimes solo star revealed she’s already taken steps to clean up her act. “I wasn't trying to be a role model with (the album) ‘The Dutchess,’” she said. “But suddenly, seeing little girls in the audience with their moms made me think about what I do onstage a little bit more. I had to watch my mouth, because it can be filthy. It changed things for me.” … News of Jeff Goldblum’s untimely and fortunately fabricated demise turned into a positive experience for the actor. “This was a rare opportunity to experience your own death,” Goldblum said in a quote published in the Daily Express. “(Fans) still run into me on the street (and say), 'Glad to see you're alive!' I reconnected with people I hadn't seen in a long time. I wasn't angry; I was touched.” … He missed out on a courtesy cameo in J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek,” but there may be room for William Shatner in another reboot. Producers behind the upcoming (and completely inexplicable) “T.J. Hooker” film hope to bring the actor and his ’80s cop show co-stars to the big screen. “We absolutely want to try and get the original cast in the movie,” co-producer Ryan Heppe revealed to the New York Post. “It's all about finding the right story motivations to include their characters so we're not just stopping the movie to drop by Adrian Zmed's house, you know?”

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