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Clooney likes ‘gloating’ over Pitt’s lack of Oscar

George Clooney admitted he loves “gloating” about his Oscar win over buddy Brad Pitt.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

George Clooney admitted he loves “gloating” about his Oscar win over buddy Brad Pitt.

The “Leatherheads” star threw down a new gauntlet in the ongoing witty repartee between the two actors during an interview with Britain’s GMTV anchor Penny Smith, which included a reference to his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in “Syriana.”

“It’s over a fireplace at my house,” Clooney said of the golden statue. “When my friends come over I make them pick it up and we take photographs of them giving an acceptance speech. I actually did that with Walter Kronkite.”

Smith then asked the actor if he makes his buddy Pitt feel bad that he has yet to pick up one for his own mantle.

“That’s what I enjoy doing with Brad is gloating,” Clooney said tongue-in-cheek. “Because things aren’t going well for him.”

And Angelina is “ugly,” Smith suggested in jest.

“She is hard to look at,” George joked.

And while he may tease Pitt and Jolie through the media, Clooney revealed he is happy to pull gags on the press too.

The actor confirmed to GMTV he is not hosting the couple’s nuptials at his Italian villa in Como, but when that gossip began several years ago, he took the opportunity to have a giggle at the expense of the press.

“The rumors started once a couple years ago and there we literally — I’m not exaggerating — a hundred reporters outside my house in February, which is not the time to get married in Como,” he laughed.

“When we found out about it, we hired high-top tables and had them all laid out in the lawn just so (the press) all hired helicopters and flew around for 10 days waiting for a wedding that wasn’t happening.”