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'Clinton' and 'Toddler & Tiaras' scandals intrigue readers

PBS' documentary "Clinton" airs Monday.

Thought we had put the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky impeachment scandal of the '90s behind us? Well think again. PBS is revisiting the topic with its documentary "Clinton" on Monday.

When we told you about the two-day, four-hour program on Wednesday, readers were quick to click, making it our No. 1 post of the week. But readers didn't just want to learn about the documentary and its focus (Lewinksy was not interviewed, FYI), they also wanted to have their say about our former president. And as it always happens with politics, readers were divided into pro and con camps.

"Clinton was a disgrace to our whole country. While he preached that families in the US were falling apart, he was screwing around and making (the) US a laughing stock internationally," wrote reader Samm Maine on our Facebook page.

"Wouldn't miss a show about one the greatest modern presidents in history. More world leaders should follow in his foosteps," wrote reader Jeff Crayton.

A scandal of a different sort drew readers to our second most popular post of the week. Readers have never been quiet about their distaste for (and sometimes, the inability to avert their eyes from) TLC's popular show "Toddlers & Tiaras." While viewers have often and loudly complained that what the pageant mothers do to their young daughters is just not right, the show's moms have defended their actions time and again.

In an effort to show the pageant mothers what it is their daughters go through, Anderson Cooper gave four of the ladies a pageant makeover on his show. Unfortunately for him, the "Toddlers" moms still didn't see the problem of putting their little girls in skimpy outfits and layers of makeup. But he tried, and readers saw that.

"This makes me freakin love Anderson Cooper," wrote reader Margaret Rosenberg.

"He went the wrong way with this," said reader George McClellan. "The mother's dress their little girls as adults so instead of dressing the mother's as adults he should have dressed them as little girls."

"I hope Mr. Cooper can do something with this lot, but I highly doubt it," wrote Michael McDevitt. "Faith in ANYTHING is a hard thought process to change, regardless of how misplaced it is!"

The sudden shutdown of funnyman Stephen Colbert's "Colbert Report" came in at No. 3. The show has remained tight-lipped about the unexpected hiatus, but sources close to the show reportedly told The New York Post that the comedian's 91-year-old mother is "ailing." The news brought an outpouring of well wishes from readers, with many "speedy recovery" messages for his mother, and others hoping for the show's host's quick return.

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