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Clicky Clip of the Week winner: Anderson Cooper's giggles

Clicker readers, we have your first Clicky Clip winner!

Early this week, we asked you to submit a link to the TV clip from the week before that you couldn't resist. And in a vote between Anderson Cooper's infectious giggle and Christine O'Donnell's walkout, you chose the laughs in a landslide.

Yes, it was tough to resist Cooper's uncontrollable chuckles as he reported during his RidicuList segment on French actor Gerard Depardieu urinating in an airplane aisle. And the puns! The terrible puns! They certainly contributed to Cooper's laughs!

Reader Jimm Crouse explained on our Facebook page why he thought this clip was worthy of the win: "Anderson Cooper's giggle-fest had to be my favorite of the week. To see such a pro totally lose it...not only lose it, but giggle like a little girl until tears flowed!! Priceless!! He will NEVER live that down."

And now, Cooper also has the honor of being our first winner for Clicky Clip of the Week. Congrats!

Thanks for playing, readers! Check our Facebook page on Sunday for another chance to submit your favorite TV clip of the week, this time for the week of Aug. 21-27.


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