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Clicky Clip vote: Weather Channel goofballs v. 'Lost' actor's 'sexy love'

We asked you to submit a clip of the wackiest/funniest/strangest clip you saw on TV last week for our new Clicky Clip of the Week feature, and, well ... one of you participated this time around. So I'm going to toss into the mix the video many of you couldn't resist last week.

Contestant No. 1: Submitted by reader Shaun Tim Buck: Weather Channel streakers have a little fun during Hurricane Irene. Well, the jokers dancing around in their boxers and the person in the SUV may have enjoyed themselves on camera, but not reporter Eric Fisher, who was on location in Virginia Beach, Va. He apologized for the people running around behind him in his shot and said it was "depressing to watch," considering that people had been killed already in North Carolina.

Contestant No. 2: The clip I'm guessing many of you watched since it was one of our top posts last week? "Lost" actor Doug Hutchison and his now 17-year-old bride on a morning show in Australia, gushing about their unconventional union. (He's 51.) During the seven-minute interview, the lovebirds cooed about what they found attractive in each other (she loves "his face, his body, his sexy hair!" and for him, "51 plus 16 equals love"), introduced their dogs Tuna and Bizarre and dished on the reality show they're working on.

Which one did you pick, and why? Tell us on our Facebook page!