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Clicky bits: Undead rise on 'Walking Dead,' but ratings sink on 'True Blood'

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• So, "True Blood" is leaking ratings all over the place? Well, when you go from 5.42 million viewers one week to 2.9 million the next, yes, it would seem there's a puncture wound in there somewhere. But not to worry, said HBO's corporate affairs SVP, Jeff Cusson. "The numbers were not a surprise at all," Cusson told The Hollywood Reporter. And there are lots of reasons for the decline, such as HBO's "Go" promotion, which let subscribers watch the first two episodes back-to-back during premiere week. "The beauty of HBO as a subscription service is we just want you to be able to watch the program however you choose to and whenever you choose to," Cusson said. And apparently it's a little soon to tote up the other ways fans could have watched the second episode of the season -- from On Demand to DVR and downloads, "True Blood" is truly available all over. Added Cusson, "(The company) anticipates the series will be doing great throughout the run."

• In other HBO-related news, Jason Sudeikis, who stars on "Saturday Night Live" and in the new film "Horrible Bosses," will now have a recurring role on the network's "Eastbound & Down" comedy series, which is shooting its third and final season now in South Carolina, according to EW.com.

• We started with the vamps, but we're ending with another kind of undead: a trailer for the second season of AMC's "The Walking Dead" has shuffled on to the Web. But hold on -- the new 13-episode season doesn't premiere until the fall, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, will pick up just after the last episode ended -- with the explosion at the Centers for Disease Control. So just what is this so-called trailer supposed to reveal? As it turns out, not a whole lot ... because it's a fan-made clip. Very well done and moody and just shy of being its own splatter-fest but still, a fan-made clip. Take a bite out of it today.

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