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Clicky bits: 'Teen Mom' happy for boobs, Taylor Swift eager for 'True Blood'

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images / Today
Farrah Abraham

• "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham's dream has come true! Back in July, she clearly indicated she was "here for boobs" while prepping for a breast augmentation. It's not even Labor Day and not only does she have them, but according to her latest Twitter updates, she's pretty darned happy with the results. "My implants are doing wonderful," she tweeted  to her plastic surgeon, Dr. David Finkle. "I get compliments literally all the time :) You did a wonderful job!" Back in July, Abraham told Us Weekly that after giving birth, "my boobs went away. It hurt my self-esteem." Now, her esteem has gone from an A-cup to a C-cup, and that's got to be good for both mom and her little 'un.

• Jason and Jessica recently got it on in the back of a pickup truck on "True Blood," accompanied by a song of Taylor Swift's. Bloody well believe it! Admittedly, the country sweetheart may not be the first choice for a steamy scene on one of TV's hottest and goriest series, but never fear: Swift is thrilled to be noticed by the vamps, according to E! Online. Thing is, she hasn't actually seen the scene yet. "I heard some things," she told E! "I'm excited to see it. I was so disappointed I don't have the HBO that re-airs the episodes." Sure seems like between gigs someone could get her a proper cable hookup to watch "True Blood" hookups, don't you think?

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