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Clicky bits: Sheen's ex-goddess thinks Kutcher's great

Charlie Sheen said his piece about Ashton Kutcher taking over for him on “Two and a Half Men” — twice. Various Hollywood celebrities have chimed in, too. And now, just in case anyone was wondering, Sheen’s on-again-off-again “goddess,” Bree Olson, has offered up her take on the “Men” switcheroo. “Nice,” Olson told a TMZ cameraman about Kutcher’s new gig. “Ashton’s great.” When asked if she’d watch the show sans Sheen, she added a cheerful “of course!”

• A frightening fall is never a good thing for a professional hoofer, but there may be one bright side for “Dancing With the Stars” pro Kym Johnson. After taking a tumble in rehearsals last week, the ballroom champ may be poised to bring in big votes for herself and her celebrity partner, Hines Ward. “There is no doubt that Kym really hurt herself Friday after a fall,” an insider revealed to PopEater’s Rob Shuter. “But to be back at work two days later and going ahead in the competition despite being in pain is obviously going to help her get votes.”  Then again, as frequent frontrunners, Johnson and Ward don't really need a sympathy advantage.

• As if “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fans didn’t have reason enough to look forward to the long-awaited eighth season of the show, the latest casting news just adds to the anticipation. Actor Michael J. Fox will guest star as an intentionally irritating version of himself in an upcoming episode. In an interview with TV Guide, Fox revealed details of the role and the part his Parkinsons symptoms will play in it. “Larry moves to New York and takes the apartment below ours,” the actor said. “I’m being symptomatic just to annoy him — a whole passive-aggressive thing. He’s complaining because I’m shuffling and making noise upstairs. It’s very funny.” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” returns to HBO July 10.

• For those of you still sad about last week's show cancellations, prepare yourself. CBS is axing "$#*! My Dad Says," "The Defenders" and "Mad Love." Do any of these surprise you? Bum you out? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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