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Clicky bits: Jericho lashes out after 'Dancing'

• Wrestler Chris Jericho may be the most recent celebrity to get the ballroom boot on “Dancing With the Stars,” but he’s not quite ready to leave the memories behind. During his post-elimination stop on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Jericho put his old WWE moves to hilarious use when Guillermo attempted the traditional burning-of-the-shoes with the big guy’s heels. “Stupid, son of a b----!” Jericho yelled after slamming Kimmel’s sidekick with a folding chair. “Nobody touches my dancing shoes!”

• Nicole Cowther, the “Glee” extra who was vilified for tweeting the secret identities of the show’s upcoming prom king and queen, is now speaking out about her doomed decision to post the spoilers. “I had no idea it would blow up like this,” the film student told Los Angeles Times blog Ministry of Gossip. “I do regret it.” Cowther claims she learned the lowdown on the upcoming episode from another extra and wasn’t even on set, as some media outlets have reported. "I'm afraid my career is in jeopardy — my career that hasn't even started, because of this lie.”

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