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Clicky bits: Dark days ahead for 'Walking Dead' and 'Breaking Bad'

 • Brains will be bashed when “The Walking Dead” returns in the fall. On Sunday night, AMC aired the first gore-filled glimpse of the show’s second season during the season premiere of “Breaking Bad.” Have a look at what's to come:

• Speaking of “Breaking Bad,” while the brain-bashing on that show is expected to be kept to an absolute minimum, this season won’t be free from other dark behavior. Warning: minor spoilers to follow:

In an interview with New York Magazine’s Vulture, “Bad” creator Vince Gilligan spilled the details.

“Walt has one big goal in season four which is to stay alive, and so having said that, it’s — you know, the show gets darker by the episode, and it’s not that we’re intentionally trying to be as dark as we can be,” he explained. “In fact, some days we’re looking for any way to lighten the story up, to find a bit of humor, albeit dark humor, in every place we can. But we are trying to be honest about what it is like to live in this world, to decide, 'I want to be a meth kingpin' and go about that. If you make that decision in your life, if you survive long enough, your world is gonna get pretty dark, and if you do the things you need to do to survive in that world, you yourself are going to become a person that perhaps you wouldn’t have even recognized.”

Read the rest of Gilligan's reveals here.

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