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Clicky bits: Bryan Cranston to guest star on 'Simpsons'

Jason Merritt / Getty Images / Today
Bryan Cranston is set to guest star on "The Simpsons."

• "Breaking Bad's" Bryan Cranston is headed to "The Simpsons," according to EW.com. The actor, who demonstrated his comedic chops on sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle," will voice a spy named Stradivarius Cane on the episode "The Spy Who Learned Me," EW reports. His mission? To make Homer irresistible to Marge. The episode will air in spring 2012.

• Singer Josh Groban is going to continue showing off his acting abilities, this time on the upcoming season of "The Office." According to PEOPLE, Groban will play an a cappella singer and brother to Ed Helms' character, Andy Bernard.

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