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Is Clay Aiken turning his back on Hollywood?

Calls music industry types ‘not the most savory characters’
/ Source: Access Hollywood

It takes a brave singer to cover the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire. But Clay Aiken isn't afraid.

In fact, when we caught up with him as he prepared for his upcoming tour, he told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson that from here on out, he's going to do things his way.“I think the thing that is hard about L.A. for me is that it is so big and unfortunately people who I have met in L.A. — a lot of people who I work with who work inside the music industry — they are not always the most savory characters,” Clay revealed. “But there are people in the industry who spend too much time on the wrong things.”

Harsh words from Clay — the unlikely heartthrob who has sold over 4 million albums to the legions of “Claymates” worldwide and is now apparently ready to give up the big city livin'.

“I just miss the small town atmosphere,” he added. “It's so much slower and the people that I come into contact with daily in North Carolina don't necessarily have an agenda.”

But before Clay packs his bags, he's got a brand new funky tour and only Access was there during the funky 70s rehearsal session, as Clay sang some classics from Earth, Wind and Fire to the Bee Gees.

For an exclusive peek inside Clay's rehearsal, check out our photo gallery!