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'Like a claw!' Anchors test the best way to eat a burger

Chances are you've been here before.

You just ordered a big beef burger oozing with juice and decked out with all the fixings: lettuce, tomato, pickles (hungry yet?) avocado, onions, ketchup and mustard. You pick up that succulent sandwich — and the whole thing falls apart.

But no need to fret anymore: There's a new way to beat the burger blues.

Watch the video: You’re doing it wrong! How to hold a burger

Japanese researchers spent four months finding the best way to eat a burger without spillage. The correct technique: Thumbs and pinkies on the bottom, and middle three fingers on top.


"You cage your burger," Natalie said as she picked up the double-patty delight.

"It's like a claw," Al Roker said, gripping his burger. 


Tamron had a little trouble holding hers. "Ouch, that hurts!" she yelled.

But with a little help from Willie, she finally got her pinkies on the burger's bottom and took a big ol' bite!


After all that, burger chain Wendy's tweeted us a simpler way to enjoy the sandwich:

.@TODAYshow+Our+experts+say+it+goes+like+this: Step+one:+Pick+up+burger. Step+two:+Bring+burger+to+mouth. Step+three:+Eat+burger.


We think either method is just fine!

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