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Classic 'Thriller' scene gets bloody new twist with Lego animation 

Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video from 1983 is one of the greatest, most imitated music videos ever made. So what if it got rendered in ... Lego?

That's what artist Annette Jung, a member of the Talking Animals animation studio in Berlin, did with one key scene from the video — the one where Jackson tells his date that he's "not like other guys" before transforming into a snarling, bewhiskered werewolf. 

But Jung put her own little twist in at the end of the scene. In the original video, once the poor girl is pinned to the ground by the Jacksonwolf, the scene cuts to the inside of a movie theater where patrons (including a non-hairy Jackson and a different woman) are watching the scene unfold as a movie.

In Jung's video, however, the bloodletting begins afresh, and Legos never looked so creepy before. Here's hoping Jung's hard at work on a full-length version. Check it out!