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Claire Danes defends anti-depressants

Add Claire Danes to the list of celebs who have taken Brooke Shields’ side in her war of words with Tom Cruise.
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Add Claire Danes to the list of celebs who have taken Brooke Shields’ side in her war of words with Tom Cruise.

Danes has risked the wrath of devout Scientologist Cruise by defending people such as Shields who use anti-depressants.

In what some saw as a thinly veiled jab at Cruise for his attacks on those who use the drugs, the “Shopgirl” star said that she “keeps her pointer finger in her pocket because I never know why people make the choices they do.”

“A lot of my friends are on them and a lot of my friends have been served by [antidepressants,]” Danes told the Sunday Herald Sun. “It’s great when it frees somebody from the oppression of that awful, dark feeling so that they can really start investigating consciously what it is that’s ailing them. That’s my stand.”

Chastising CameronCameron Diaz has been accused of being insensitive to the disabled.

The “In Her Shoes” star, while discussing her awkward adolescence, confessed that she was so thin and unattractive other kids nicknamed her “Skeletor.” 

“I was wild, like an animal and I was kind of spastic, with my arms and legs going in all directions,” she said.

That brought a sharp rebuke from Scope, a U.K. organization that represents people with cerebral palsy. “We are keen to remind Cameron Diaz that, as a role model, she should watch her language,” said a spokesman for Scope, according to IrelandOnLine. “Likening her ‘wild days’ to acting like a ‘spastic’ is extremely offensive to people with cerebral palsy and perpetuates negative assumptions about disabled people.”

Notes from all overGeorge Clooney had a private screening of his political thriller “Syriana” and invited a bunch of neocons and oilmen. “Some of them agreed with it a lot, and some of them were angry as hell,” Clooney told the Ottawa Citizen. “It was a great sort of interesting debate.”   . . . “I know what it’s like to loathe oneself,” Pierce Brosnan told Life magazine. “To feel that deep self-loathing. It’s painful and ugly and [bleeping] unwanted. And it gets in the way. I can dip in there, into the old black-Irish melancholy. You think, Am I smart enough? Am I equipped enough to deal with it all? You don’t want it to happen, but it’s part of life.”  . . . Lindsay Lohan is getting a tattoo to commemorate landing a role in a forthcoming film about the life of John Lennon. Inspired by Lennon’s quote, “Get out there and get peace, think peace, live peace, and breathe peace, and you’ll get it as soon as you like,” reports that Lohan  will get the word “breathe” tattooed onto her forearm. 

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