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Cindy Crawford re-creates her classic 1992 Pepsi ad with help from James Corden

/ Source: TODAY

'90s nostalgia is hitting a peak, and Cindy Crawford was the latest to cash in with a hilarious remake of her classic 1992 Pepsi commercial on "The Late Late Show with James Corden."

The sketch begins as a shot-for-shot take on the 1992 Super Bowl ad, showing Crawford (who apparently hasn't aged a day in two decades) getting out of a red Lamborghini to buy an ice-cold Pepsi from a roadside vending machine.

Only, in this take, the machine doesn't want to cooperate, so she turns to a friend for help — James Corden, who happens to be wearing the same skin-tight tank top and jean shorts as Crawford.

He gives the vending machine a little Fonzie touch, and the Pepsi can falls. However, Corden decides not to share and chugs the can himself.

Want to see how the hilarious remake compares to the original? Watch below and decide for yourself.

An ageless Crawford and a confident Corden? We'd say this one has double the sex appeal.