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Ciao! 'Dancing' bids its beauty farewell

Adam Taylor / ABC / Today
Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy's jive may have impressed the judges, but it didn't move "Dancing" fans to vote.

Italian actress Elisabetta Canalis may have gorgeous looks, a talented (and good-looking) new pro and a very, very famous ex-boyfriend, but she will not have the mirror ball trophy.  

Despite the fact that she was the most improved dancer (Canalis and partner Val Chmerkovskiy went from 11th place last week to 4th place this week on the leaderboard), fans voted for everyone else and banished the beauty from the ballroom bash.

Sure, this week’s quickstep was 6 points better than last week’s messy cha-cha-cha, but the attitude she copped with Val in rehearsals – which millions of people watched -- likely didn’t help her cause. (Dear contestants: It’s nice to see the “real” you, but remember, cameras are there to capture each and every hissy fit you throw -- and we fans will see it all.)

Also negatives? Her complete lack of chemistry with Val, and her stiff personality.  Had she shown a bit more liveliness and fun, perhaps she could’ve gone farther. After all, the producers paired her with pro dancer Maks’ little brother Val. It may be Val’s first season as a pro on “Dancing” (and hopefully not his last), but he very likely joined the competition with a good number of built-in votes from fans who wanted double the Chmerkovskiy. (Me included.) Alas, an opportunity squandered.

But she was gracious in her exit. “It was a gift every day,” she said of her participation. “It was a great adventure.”

So who else was left standing under the spotlight of shame next to the gorgeous brunette? Funnyman David Arquette! It was a bit of a surprise, since the “Scream” actor is one of the better known celebrities this season. Granted, his 18-point jive was lacking in energy and the ridiculously goofy faces he made during the performance were distracting, but the man entertains!

And where was Stern Nation Monday night? Arquette, a pal of Howard Stern’s and a frequent guest on the shock jock’s satellite radio show, name-dropped Baba Booey after his performance. Afterward, “Dancing” host Tom Bergeron threw out a “Baba Booey” himself. Perhaps next week, Stern -- a self-proclaimed "Dancing" fan -- will mount a campaign and keep Arquette from elimination.

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