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Chuck Norris' 'epic split' between jets trumps Van Damme's viral video

Leave it to Chuck Norris, or at least a CGI-generated likeness of Chuck Norris, to split all over one of our favorite viral videos of the year. The "epic split," a stunt in which actor Jean-Claude Van Damme stood between two moving Volvo trucks, has generated its most compelling copycat.

Hungarian animation firm Delov Digital brings us "the epic Christmas split" using a Norris character and a voiceover of Shakespeare's "Hamlet." Like the Van Damme video, the Norris stunt starts on his face and slowly pulls back to reveal the stunt.

We see boots standing on the cowboy hat atop Norris' head, and it becomes clear that he's in the sky and then that he has a team of 11 paratroopers perched above as he is straddling the wings of two giant cargo planes. The troops light up like a Christmas tree, the planes move apart for Norris' split and a holiday greeting is added to the screen.

In case you need a refresher, the 73-year-old Norris is a cultural phenomenon best known for his martial arts action movies and his TV role as "Walker, Texas Ranger." Know Your Meme says "he has come to represent the epitome of manliness and awesomeness in culture."

The Van Damme video for Volvo has generated 61 million views on YouTube since Nov. 13. The company calls it "the most watched automotive commercial on YouTube ever." Videos featuring "22 Jump Street" star Channing Tatum and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford are among the other copycats.