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Chuck Lorre goes ape with holiday card

Reuters file / Today
Chuck Lorre, left, poked fun at former star Charlie Sheen again in a holiday card that does not overtly mention the actor.

Many people send holiday cards featuring photos of themselves, but Chuck Lorre, producer of "Two and a Half Men," went one step further.

Lorre, whose well-publicized troubles with former "Men" star Charlie Sheen dominated entertainment headlines for weeks in 2011, sent out a card showing himself being pounded on by a large gorilla, Deadline,com reported.

While Lorre doesn't mention the Sheen situation directly, he writes of the gorilla-pounding: “Oddly enough, not my worst day this year,” the site reports.

Lorre is also known for the sometimes pointed messages he writes in vanity cards shown after episodes of his show. And Deadline links to his 2009 holiday card, which features two versions of Lorre. In the one captioned "A world without sitcoms" he's apparently homeless, but in the one captioned "A world with sitcoms," he's wearing an academic robe and sitting by his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, raising a drink and wearing sunglasses.

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