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Christopher Meloni plays latest law role for laughs

Comedy Central / Today
Meloni plays Bologna in "Vigilogna."

For those who miss Chistopher Meloni now that he's left “Law & Order: SVU” behind, there's another chance to see the man behind Det. Elliot Stabler in a crime drama -- or at least a brief comedy skit about a crime drama.

It happened on Thursday night’s “Daily Show,” after Jon Stewart informed his audience about real-life Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna, the officer who’s gained attention for spraying several women with pepper spray at the recent Wall Street protests.

“This Tony Bologna is a television series waiting to happen, and I’m about to happen it,” the host said.

And so he did, as Meloni took on the role of a rogue cop on a mission.

“This fall, justice has a first name. It’s spelled T-O-N-Y, and it’s gonna burn,” an announcer stated before the following flashed on the screen, “Chris Melongna is Tony Bologna in ‘Vigilogna’!”

Meloni, er, Melonga, even has the perfect catchphrase worked out.

“Crime doesn’t spray ... but I do.”

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