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Christina Ricci doesn’t mind going nude

The “Black Snake Moan” star didn’t put her clothes back on between takes because it helped her stay in character.
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Christina Ricci is comfortable being naked.

Most actress hate playing nude scenes, but the “Black Snake Moan” star stayed without her clothes on during most of the shoot, refusing to put on them on even when the camera wasn’t rolling.

“I didn’t cover up between shots because I had to get used to being like that and get into the way (my character) was thinking,” Ricci told the London Mirror. “It didn’t matter to her whether she had clothes on or not, so I needed to lose any self-conscious affectations.”

Ricci also revealed that she wasn’t the filmmakers’ first choice for the role — she had to persuade them that she was sexy enough. “They didn’t even want me to audition,” Ricci said. “But I bleached my hair, auditioned and they still weren’t fully convinced. They were worried I wasn’t going to be sexual enough, so my agents and publicist just inundated them with sexy images of me. Eventually they said, ‘OK, we’ll hire her.’”

She wants to be in picturesAvril Lavigne is blaming Britney Spears again.

The “Complicated” star has been blaming the “Toxic” star for her own image woes so much lately that some are wondering if she’s doing it to boost her own image. “She has paparazzi at her house every day,” Lavigne told the Australian newspaper Townsville Bulletin. “Then she does things that are crazy, so everyone talks about it.”

Lavigne, who hasn’t been in the spotlight herself much lately, also says that she wants to make movies — but not like her rival, Mandy Moore. Seems she wants to go more the Angelina Jolie-route. “I can’t do a Mandy Moore kind of movie, a chick flick,” Lavigne said. “I have to do like a ‘Girl Interrupted.’ I have to take my time and make the right choices.”

Notes from all overDebra Messing says she didn’t expect motherhood to be so tough. “I remember the first few months after I gave birth, I was enraged that my closest friends and family did not tell me how hard it was,” the “Will and Grace” star told Redbook. “I said, ‘Obviously it’s a miracle and I love my child, but why didn’t you tell me how exhausted I was going to be? And how difficult the hormonal changes are?’” ... Bijou Phillips says she didn’t expect being a star to be so tough. “It takes a lot to do this job,” the former wild child told Stuff magazine. “When I was a little kid, and my sisters Chynna or Mackenzie would be working, I always looked at it as this glamorous thing where they got to be princesses all day.  I grew up to realize that it really takes a lot out of you, and you have to confront a lot about yourself and about what you’re willing to do when it comes to being vulnerable in front of people that you don’t know.”  ... Pink, when asked how she feels about her peers, such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, since she released her single lampooning them, “Stupid Girls” recently said, “They just get stupider and stupider. But I guess ignorance is bliss.”

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