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Is Christina Applegate Really Going to Be on The Office?

Is Christina Applegate thisclose to landing a guest spot on The Office?
/ Source: E!online

Is Christina Applegate thisclose to landing a guest spot on The Office?

She and her Hall Pass costar Jenna Fischer recently joked about that possibility while promoting the film.

And while Fischer tells us she's been putting in a good word for her around set, Applegate is telling a different story...

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"I said, 'She'd be great.' " Fischer said at this week's Hall Pass premiere in Hollywood. "Who knows where they're going next year with things, but I think she would make a great addition to the team."

Who would she play? "I think it would be nice to have a smart powerful woman come in and shake some things up," Fischer said

Even so, Fischer may want to have another a chat with the new mom because Applegate told us she was mostly joking when gabbing about reuniting with her Anchorman costars Steve Carell and Will Ferrell on the NBC comedy.

"I just wanted to come to set," Applegate told us of the confusing casting news. "The whole rumors started because I just wanted to come to set and watch the boys work because it's truly inspiring to see Will and Steve work together, and I got to do that for a couple of months."

While we may not see Applegate roaming the halls of Dunder Mifflin, one thing is certain: She and Fischer became fast friends while filming their comedy flick. "She's fantastic!" adds Applegate. "I love her to death."

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