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Christina Aguilera staggers back into spotlight

Is Christina Aguilera drinking herself back into the spotlight?
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Is Christina Aguilera drinking herself back into the spotlight?

The “Dirrty” singer has been relatively quiet lately, while her former rival Britney Spears has been grabbing headlines with her . But recently, Aguilera reportedly was carried out of the London club Kabaret’s Prophecy, at 5 a.m. over a friend’s shoulder. 

Aguilera and her party ran up a bill of $3,800, but a friend defended the singer, telling the London Mirror that Aguilera didn’t drink as much as an onlooker might think. “Not only is she very little,” said the source, “but she was quite tired because she’s in the middle of her tour.”

Gibson's gore-fest next flick, “Apocalypto,” had an early screening at New York University’s film center, and while viewers are mixed as to whether the flick’s any good, they agree on one thing: it’s gory.

“There are gruesome, lingering shots of people having their faces torn off, their hearts ripped out, and worse,” noted one reviewer who said he loved the film but was “shocked” by the violence. “Mel Gibson may be an anti-Semitic, alcoholic, gore-obsessed maniac, [but] he is obviously an extremely talented director and I highly recommend his ‘Apocalypto’.”

Another early viewer, however, complained about the “tired religious overtones and Hollywood clichés” — and the violence. “I know he was trying to show how brut[al], savage, and primal the Mayan people were despite their incredible ingenuity and intelligence,” wrote the reviewer, “but some of the violence came off as laughable and would have been better off left to the imagination.”

Notes from all over
“The Nativity”
star Keisha Castle-Hughes is making headlines for her , but it’s not the first time the actress playing the Virgin Mary has been embroiled in controversy. A few years ago, there was an arrest at a party she and her mother threw where there was underage drinking and one girl allegedly was a victim of sexual assault.  . . . Geri “Sexy Spice” Halliwell has squashed Spice Girl fans’ hope for a reunion. Apparently, Mel B, also known as “Scary Spice,” squashed last year’s efforts, and now it’s Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham. According to Geri Halliwell, “Victoria said maybe it’s time to move on, and I think she’s got a point.” . . . Even the director of “Jersey Girl” admits that the Jennifer Lopez/Ben Affleck pic wasn’t a favorite of viewers. When asked what he’d like to direct next, Kevin Smith told GiantMag, “I want to make a horror movie. I’m still figuring it out, but after about 12 years of doing comedies, I feel like it’s time — although most people would say that ‘Jersey Girl’ was my horror movie.”

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