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Christina Aguilera denies trying to punch Pink and says she did this instead

She definitely wasn’t looking for a fight!
/ Source: TODAY

Christina Aguilera is denying she ever tried to punch Pink — but she admits she once tried to kiss her!

Aguilera dropped by "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" Thursday night and refuted Pink's story that she once "swung at" her in a club when the two were first finding fame.

"It’s so funny because I’ve seen her 'Behind the Music' and I know she has some feelings about how the recording of 'Lady Marmalade' went down," said Aguilera, 38, who added that she saw clips of Pink's Oct. 2017 interview with Cohen, when she alleged Aguilera tried to punch her.

Aguilera, though, remembers it all differently.

Back in 2001, when the two filmed the video for "Lady Marmalade," she found Pink's teasing intimidating.

"She was heckling me in the audience a little bit behind the director," the "Beautiful" singer recalled. "I was like, 'Oh, What’s going on?' But that’s what she did back then."

"She’s a different person now," she added. "She’s a mom. She’s cool."

Christina Aguilera Refutes Swinging On Pink on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
Christina Aguilera, left, says she and former rival Pink did once go out clubbing together - but her memories of the evening are a lot more sweet.Getty Images

As for trying to take a swing at Pink, Aguilera said no way.

“Look at her and look at me. I wouldn’t swing on her! She can beat my ass. Are you kidding me? She could really beat my ass (back) then," she said.

She and Pink did go out to a club together back in the day, but Aguilera's memories of the evening are sweeter.

"I seem to have a different memory of a night we had at a club where we played spin the bottle. I have a love memory,” she recalled, laughing.

Christina Aguilera Refutes Swinging On Pink on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
Aguilera said when she leaned in to meet Pink's lips, Pink covered her mouth. "She didn't want to get 'Dirrty,'" the singer joked.YouTube

Aguilera was "excited" to smooch her fellow singer. But the feeling wasn't mutual.

As the two leaned into each other, Pink "put her hand up like this," Aguilera said, covering her mouth.

"She didn’t want to get ‘Dirrty,'" she joked, referencing her sexy 2002 pop hit.

During her visit to "WWHL," Pink, 39, called Aguilera "a really sweet person" and regretted the pair spent so long feuding.

"We were super young and super new at the whole thing, and I think I’m an alpha, and she’s an alpha," Pink recalled.

Both women put the past behind them in 2016 when Aguilera invited Pink to mentor her team on "The Voice."

"We became moms. We grew up. We hugged it out," Pink shared. "It’s that simple. I feel so good about that."