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Christina Aguilera Ex Moves Out (Finally), Makes Room for New Guy's Mustang

Maybe it was Christina Aguilera's tentative living situation that made her screw up at the Super Bowl? Hey, not such a crazy thought.
/ Source: E!online

Maybe it was Christina Aguilera's tentative living situation that made her screw up at the Super Bowl ? Hey, not such a crazy thought.

If you've got your ex living back at home at the same time as your new bf, it could maybe lead to less-than-sane domestic (and working) conditions, right?

Well, good news for Xtina on that front!

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Her ex-hubs Jordan Bratman has ditched that not-so-humble back house of their once-joint abode for a snazzy bachelor pad. Good for him--and her vocals.

Sources have confirmed that Bratman wasn't comfortable with the living situation at all. I mean, who would be, shoved in the back of a Beverly Hills mansion, as he had been?

We can only imagine!

Plus, that whole living with your ex thing can't be doing wonders for Jordan's single life, especially since Christina is known for some ferosh cat-fighting. Any new love interest of Jordan's could have been at risk for some hair-pulling, had such a honey stepped foot on that Xtina's premises, for real.

Meanwhile, Christina's got two new housemates getting her riled up under the hood.

Yes, that would be her cozy new bf Matt Rutler and his manly muscle car, which is sitting pretty in the driveway of the crib.

A knowledgeable source tells E! the pop star bought her man a totally decked out, all gray with red interior 2011 Ford Mustang GT, which runs around $40,000.

"She's totally in love with him and he's always wanted a Mustang but never could afford one," says the source.

But of course Christina's rep had no comment, even though another source close to the chick says Matt bought himself the ride. Whoever bought it, we're seeing some serious divorce finalization celebration is going down.

The fresh couple was spotted in San Diego for V-day weekend. They even took her 2-year-old tyke, Max, with them and made a pit-stop at Legoland!

Lucky kid, Legos and a baller baby seat in that hot mustang! Too bad we have sneaky premonition Matt will be around just about as long as the rest of Christina's rebounds. Here's to hoping those vocals don't slip up all over again when the 'stang skeet-skirts out of there!

--With Additional Reporting by Ivana Dukanovic

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