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Chrissy Teigen celebrates John Legend's birthday with 'math-off' competition

Happy 42nd birthday, John Legend!
For the occasion, Teigen wore a sparkly red gown while Legend had a fun costume for the "math-off."
For the occasion, Teigen wore a sparkly red gown while Legend had a fun costume for the "math-off."Chrissy Teigen / Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Most of us probably wouldn’t celebrate our birthday by doing a ton of children’s math problems, but then again, most of us aren’t singer and EGOT-winner John Legend.

Chrissy Teigen, Legend’s wife and celebrity in her own right, threw him a “math-off” competition as he turned 42 on Monday. She donned a floor-length dress and created an elaborate game show set up in what appears to be their home — complete with nerdy costumes for Legend and his friend/competitor, director and photographer Mike Rosenthal.

The two duked it out over 40 questions of sixth-grade math problems, plus a few bonus questions.

Rosenthal’s wife, celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur Jen Atkin, also joined in on the fun in a sparkly red gown.

“If we teach you anything in life, marry a nerd,” she said in one of Teigen’s Instagram stories.

Atkin also dedicated a post to Legend in her Instagram stories, writing he is “kind, wise and talented.”

“You’re bad at wrapping gifts but good at everything else,” she wrote. “We’re lucky to have you to brighten up the world with your positivity.”

Legend and Rosenthal donned nerdy outfits for the contest.Chrissy Teigen / Instagram

It appears Legend won the “math-off” but Teigen had already had a trophy made that named Rosenthal the winner — ouch! — so she has to order him another one.

Legend, when Teigen asked him how it felt to be a winner, replied with the NSFW answer that he felt like he was going to "get laid tonight." Later, Legend improvised a little tune about the whole math contest experience.

“Math is my life!” he sang in the background of Teigen’s story.

Like most families, Teigen and Legend have had to celebrate several members' birthdays in quarantine. Earlier this year, their daughter Luna turned 4 and marked the occasion with cake.

“Luna’s living her best birthday life,” Legend wrote on Instagram on April 14. “Mommy decorated. No preschool friends were able to come, but they sent video messages and she was thrilled. Good memories for her during this strange time.”

For their son Miles' second birthday in May, they brought in a bunch of wild animals for him to experience.

"Lots of special guests today!" Teigen wrote in the photo's caption. She also had a giant balloon wall made in honor of his big day.